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Solahart Fraser Coast delivers solar power to you in the Wide Bay

Solahart pioneered solar hot water in Australia and after 60 years in the business we have established a tradition of delivering solar systems that give you the outcomes you want.

People across Australia trust Solahart to deliver the power of the sun to their homes.

The Solahart name is synonymous with quality and outstanding customer service and you will always get that same quality and outstanding service from Solahart Fraser Coast.

Who wants to look at enormous power bills every quarter?

You know that sickening feeling you get when you open your electricity bill and it’s gone up again. How can you budget for something like that? What little luxuries do you have to cut out of your life just so you can afford to have the lights on at night and hot water for your shower each morning?

Who wants the stress of trying to find the money to pay them?

When you install solar power and solar hot water those aweful electricity bills will shrink to almost nothing and you can laugh every time there’s another increase in power bills. You will be free of all that stress because you’re using free power from the Sun.

You will save money and you will help save the planet when you turn to solar power for your electricity and hot water needs.

Government rebates and other offers are available

Installing the solar power system or the solar hot water system that’s right for you is still very affordable. Government rebates and other offers are still available and our trained staff can cut through the red tape and make sure that you save.

Call us today on 4124 2522 and discover the freedom that comes with solar power.