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The facts about solar panels

Solar panels are at the core of any solar power system because it is these panels that turn sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are usually mounted on the roof of your house or shed and positioned to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

That means that both the direction that the panels face and the angle at which they are mounted on the roof is important and you need to combine those factors with a solar panel that delivers the maximum number of watts.

Quality solar panels last longer and save you money

When you have that combination right you will generate the optimum amount of solar power and you will get true value for your investment.

Not every type of solar panel delivers the same wattage and some cheaper varieties produce a lot less power than the solar panels produced for Solahart.

The solar panels used and recommended by Solahart are made from quality crystalline and each one is individually tested and power matched to ensure consistent performance and long life.

Many cheaper varieties of solar panel are built using inferior components and this means that they are unable to withstand the harsh conditions imposed on them by the Australian climate.

Our panels are built tough for your local conditions

Around Hervey Bay and Maryborough you need solar panels that can go on working year after year despite facing the incredible heat of the sun and a regular hammering from hail too.

When you buy your solar panels from Solahart you’re buying panels that have been designed and engineered to survive our harsh climate and we can guarantee that because our solar panels have been tested across Australia and in all climatic conditions.

We understand that you want solar panels that will last and that’s why we only sell the best.

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